Why Salman Khan’s Upcoming movie ‘Tiger 3’ Banned in Qatar & Other GCC Countries

Salman Khan’s Upcoming movie ‘Tiger 3’ has encountered a significant hurdle as it faces a ban in Qatar and other GCC nations like Oman and Kuwait. The ban reportedly stems from concerns surrounding the film’s portrayal of Islamic countries and Muslim characters as per the related reports from Bollywood media.

Reports suggest that Emraan Hashmi’s character as the antagonist, representing the head of a global terror organization, showcases Islamic countries in an adverse light. Allegedly containing sequences that might be deemed offensive to Muslim communities, the film’s content has drawn sharp criticism.

The ban on ‘Tiger 3’ has sparked a range of reactions within both fans and the entertainment industry. While some condemn the ban, labeling it as censorship and a breach of artistic freedom, others stand by it, emphasizing the potential negative impact on Muslim sentiments.

It’s crucial to note that there hasn’t been any official statement from the Qatari or Omani governments regarding the specific reasons behind the ban. However, media reports strongly suggest that the film’s negative portrayal of Islamic nations and Muslim characters is the primary driver for this decision.

This prohibition represents a setback for the film’s creators since the GCC countries serve as a pivotal market for Bollywood productions. Initially set for release on November 10, 2023, in Qatar and other GCC regions, the film’s future release in these countries now hangs uncertainly in the balance.


The ban on ‘Tiger 3’ is a complex issue with no easy answers. On the one hand, the filmmakers have the right to make the film they want to make and to depict their characters in the way they see fit. On the other hand, the Qatari and Omani governments also have the right to ban films that they believe could offend their citizens.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to ban a film is up to the government of the country in which the film is being released. In the case of ‘Tiger 3’, the Qatari and Omani governments have decided to ban the film due to its negative portrayal of Islamic countries and Muslim characters.

The ban on Salman Khan’s new movie ‘Tiger 3’ is a reminder of the importance of cultural sensitivity and mutual respect. Filmmakers should be mindful of the potential impact of their work on different cultures and religions.

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