Tackling Fake Emiratisation: UAE’s Stand Against Violations 2024

Abu Dhabi: In a recent revelation, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) disclosed that a staggering 1202 private companies have been implicated in what is termed as ‘Fake Emiratisation’. This breach of employment policies entails the unlawful hiring of 1963 UAE nationals, marking a significant setback in the nation’s pursuit of Emiratisation goals within the private sector.

These violations, unearthed through rigorous inspections spanning from mid-2022 to March 14, 2024, represent a concerted effort to subvert national employment targets, thus undermining the government’s steadfast endeavors to foster the integration of UAE nationals into the workforce.

In response to this alarming trend, MoHRE has wielded its regulatory authority by imposing hefty fines ranging from Dh20,000 to Dh100,000 for each case of non-compliance. Moreover, companies found culpable of breaching Emiratisation regulations are subject to referrals to the Public Prosecution, reflecting the severity of their transgressions.


The pursuit of Emiratisation lies at the heart of the United Arab Emirates’ vision for socioeconomic development, aiming to empower its citizens and foster their active participation in the nation’s burgeoning economy. However, recent revelations have cast a shadow on this endeavor, with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) uncovering a concerning trend of ‘Fake Emiratisation’ within the private sector.

In flagrant violation of established employment policies, 1202 companies have been implicated in unlawfully hiring 1963 UAE nationals, thereby thwarting the government’s efforts to promote indigenous workforce integration. This article delves into the ramifications of these infractions, exploring the regulatory response led by MoHRE and the measures undertaken to combat the scourge of fake Emiratisation.

Nafis benefits, previously extended to offending companies, have been revoked as part of the punitive measures instituted by the ministry. This decisive action aims to reinforce the consequences of flouting Emiratisation norms, thereby underscoring MoHRE’s unwavering commitment to upholding the law and safeguarding the integrity of employment practices in the UAE.

MoHRE has issued a resounding declaration, asserting that any attempts to subvert or circumvent Emiratisation commitments will be met with resolute legal action. The ministry further urges vigilant citizens to report any instances of non-compliance with Emiratisation policies through its dedicated channels, including the call center at 600590000, the official smart app, or the website. By actively engaging the community in this endeavor, MoHRE seeks to fortify the efficacy of its regulatory framework and ensure the sustained adherence to Emiratisation principles across all sectors.

Consequences for Violators

Legal repercussions await those found guilty of contravening Emiratisation regulations. The downgrade of offending companies to the lowest category within MoHRE’s private sector classification system serves as a stark reminder of the ramifications of non-compliance. Additionally, entities implicated in fake Emiratisation will forfeit their eligibility for financial incentives under the Nafis program, with the ministry poised to reclaim any benefits previously granted.

Defining Fake Emiratisation

Fake Emiratisation encompasses scenarios where UAE nationals are employed in nominal roles devoid of substantive responsibilities, solely to fulfill Emiratisation quotas. Similarly, the rehiring of Emirati individuals within the same establishment, with the intent of manipulating data and exploiting Emiratisation benefits, constitutes a violation of established protocols.

Moving Forward

Despite these setbacks, the UAE remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering the participation of Emirati citizens in the workforce. With over 95,000 Emiratis currently employed in the private sector, concerted efforts are underway to bolster Emiratisation initiatives and eradicate fraudulent practices that undermine the integrity of the employment landscape.

Post by the Government

In a statement released by the government, the identification of 1202 private companies engaged in illegal hiring practices underscores the gravity of the situation. Emphasizing the firm stance against any attempts to undermine Emiratisation commitments, the government urges citizens to report violations promptly, thereby contributing to the collective effort to uphold employment integrity in the UAE.


The disclosure of widespread violations concerning fake Emiratisation underscores the imperative of robust regulatory oversight and proactive enforcement measures. By holding accountable those who flout Emiratisation guidelines, the UAE reinforces its dedication to nurturing a vibrant and inclusive workforce reflective of its national ethos and aspirations for sustainable growth.

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