Tech Roundup: Carta Under Fire, Samsung’s Ballie Gets Smarter, and Volkswagen Welcomes ChatGPT

The week is young, but the tech world is already buzzing with news. From Carta grappling with controversy to Samsung’s upgraded robot helper and Volkswagen’s AI-powered driving companion, here’s a look at some of the top headlines making waves.

Carta Faces Backlash Over Valuation Practices

Carta, a company that provides software for managing stock options and equity plans, has come under fire in recent weeks for its valuation practices. Critics allege that the company overvalues startups, inflating their fundraising rounds and potentially misleading investors.

The debate centers around Carta’s use of the “Black-Scholes” model, a common method for valuing stock options. Some argue that Carta applies the model inappropriately to early-stage startups, where uncertainties are high and traditional valuation methods may not be accurate.

Carta has defended its practices, arguing that the Black-Scholes model is a widely accepted method and that its valuations are always subject to change based on new information. However, the controversy has led to increased scrutiny of the company and could potentially impact its business moving forward.

Samsung Unveils Upgraded Ballie Robot

Remember Ballie, the rolling, spherical robot unveiled by Samsung at CES 2023? Well, he’s back and smarter than ever. This week, Samsung showcased an upgraded Ballie at CES 2024, boasting a 1080p projector and a spatial lidar sensor.

The new features enable Ballie to project movies and shows onto walls, essentially turning any room into a personal cinema. The spatial lidar sensor helps Ballie navigate around obstacles more efficiently, making it even more helpful as a home assistant.

Ballie’s updated capabilities have reignited excitement about the potential of personal robots. While a release date or price haven’t been announced, Ballie’s evolution demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to developing robots that can play a meaningful role in our daily lives.

Volkswagen Embraces ChatGPT for In-Car AI Assistant

Volkswagen is taking a big step into the world of conversational AI by integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its car infotainment systems. This move could shake up the in-car assistant landscape, potentially offering drivers a more natural and engaging way to interact with their vehicles.

ChatGPT is a powerful language model known for its ability to generate human-quality text and converse on a wide range of topics. By integrating it into its cars, Volkswagen aims to provide drivers with a more conversational and helpful assistant than traditional voice-activated systems.

Imagine asking your car for restaurant recommendations, discussing current events, or even writing an email while on the road – all through natural language conversation. This is the vision that Volkswagen and OpenAI hope to bring to life.

Whether Carta overcomes its valuation controversy, Ballie becomes a ubiquitous home companion, or ChatGPT revolutionizes in-car communication, one thing is for sure: the tech world is constantly evolving, and 2024 promises to be another exciting year of innovation.

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