Netflix’s Risky Bet Gone Wrong: The Tale of an Unfinished Sci-Fi Series

In the world of streaming giants, Netflix is renowned for its bold content decisions and willingness to invest in ambitious projects. However, a recent saga involving Netflix and a little-known filmmaker named Carl Erik Rinsch stands as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in pursuing unconventional creative endeavors.

In 2018, Netflix, amidst the peak of the streaming boom, found itself captivated by Rinsch’s pitch for a sci-fi series. Rinsch, with a mere one directorial credit to his name, had previously helmed the 2013 film “47 Ronin,” a commercial and critical flop. Despite the lackluster performance of his previous work, Rinsch’s vision for the unnamed sci-fi series resonated with Netflix executives, leading them to sign a lucrative deal.

The deal, valued at a staggering $61 million, granted Rinsch near-total creative control, including final-cut privileges, a rare concession for a director. Additionally, Netflix wired Rinsch’s production company $11 million upfront, a testament to the company’s unwavering belief in the project. Netflix is no stranger to taking risks on unconventional content. In 2017, the company famously greenlit the sci-fi drama “Altered Carbon,” a project that defied conventional wisdom and proved to be a critical and commercial success. This success, coupled with the growing popularity of sci-fi content, likely contributed to Netflix’s decision to take a chance on Rinsch’s vision.

However, soon after securing the deal, Rinsch’s behavior began to raise concerns. According to reports, Rinsch exhibited erratic behavior, making claims about discovering COVID-19’s transmission mechanism and possessing the ability to predict lightning strikes. Additionally, he gambled away a significant portion of the funds provided by Netflix, placing risky bets on the stock market and cryptocurrencies. Rinsch’s behavior raised red flags for Netflix executives, who began to question his ability to deliver on his ambitious vision. The company reportedly hired a psychologist to assess Rinsch’s mental state, and the results were concerning. Despite the growing concerns surrounding Rinsch’s conduct, Netflix remained committed to the project. In 2020, the company provided Rinsch with an additional $11 million, bringing the total investment to over $55 million. However, the funds proved to be squandered, as Rinsch continued his erratic behavior and failed to produce a single episode of the series. Netflix’s decision to continue funding the project despite Rinsch’s behavior is puzzling. The company may have been hesitant to cut its losses, hoping that Rinsch would eventually come around and deliver on his vision. Additionally, Netflix may have been concerned about the reputational damage that could result from canceling a high-profile project.

With the project seemingly spiraling out of control, Netflix reportedly began taking steps to distance itself from Rinsch. In September 2020, Holland, the company’s vice president of original content who had championed the project, left Netflix. Holland’s departure signaled Netflix’s growing disinterest in the project and its willingness to let it fade into obscurity. As of today, the fate of the sci-fi series remains uncertain. Netflix is reportedly locked in a confidential arbitration proceeding with Rinsch, seeking to recoup its substantial investment and sever ties with the troubled filmmaker. The saga serves as a cautionary tale for streaming companies and filmmakers alike, highlighting the challenges of navigating creative freedom, financial risk, and personal accountability in the high-stakes world of television production.


How does Netflix work?

Netflix users can stream content over the internet to their TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

What are the top 5 on Netflix shows?

Some of the most popular Netflix shows include Stranger Things, The Crown, Squid Game, Bridgerton, and Ozark.

What are some of the best Netflix movies?

Some of the best Netflix movies include Don’t Look Up, The Power of the Dog, The Irishman, Roma, and Okja.

How can I cancel my Netflix subscription?

You can cancel your Netflix subscription online or by calling customer service.

How can I get a Netflix free trial?

Netflix offers a free trial to new subscribers.

What are some Netflix alternatives?

Some Netflix alternatives include Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.

Is Netflix worth it?

Whether or not Netflix is worth it depends on your individual preferences and viewing habits.

How many devices can use Netflix?

You can add up to five profiles to your Netflix account.

How do I manage my viewing history?

You can manage your viewing history online.

How do I set parental controls?

You can set parental controls to restrict access to certain content.

How do I sign out of Netflix?

You can sign out of Netflix on your device.

How do I add movies and TV shows to my watchlist?

You can add movies and TV shows to your watchlist so you can watch them later.

How do I download movies and TV shows to watch offline?

You can download movies and TV shows to watch offline on select devices.

How do I adjust the playback speed on Netflix?

You can adjust the playback speed on Netflix to 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, or 2x.

How do I turn on subtitles or captions on Netflix?

You can turn on subtitles or captions on Netflix for most movies and TV shows.

How do I fix common Netflix streaming problems?

Try restarting your device, checking your internet connection, and updating your Netflix app.

How do I report a problem with a movie or TV show on Netflix?

You can report a problem with a movie or TV show on Netflix by visiting the Help Center.

How do I request a movie or TV show to be added to Netflix?

You can request a movie or TV show to be added to Netflix by visiting the Help Center.

How do I get help from Netflix customer support?

You can get help from Netflix customer support by visiting the Help Center or chatting with a live agent.

What are some Netflix Easter eggs?

There are many hidden Easter eggs on Netflix, such as secret messages, references to other shows, and hidden games.

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