Motorsport Australia Launches Exciting Racing Event for Virtual Racers

Motorsport Australia has officially announced the launch of its highly anticipated Gran Turismo eSports Challenge, a thrilling virtual racing competition set to ignite the passions of Gran Turismo enthusiasts across the country.

The inaugural Gran Turismo eSports Challenge will kick off on the iconic Deep Forest Circuit, a legendary track renowned for its challenging corners and breathtaking scenery. Participants will take control of the Audi R8 LMS Evo GT3 Car, a formidable racing machine that demands precision, skill, and strategic thinking to tame.

A Pre-Qualifier to Set the Stage

The competition will commence with a pre-qualifying time trial, where aspiring virtual racers will have the opportunity to showcase their driving prowess and secure one of the coveted spots on the starting grid. During this pre-qualifying phase, participants will push the limits of the Audi R8 LMS Evo GT3 Car, striving to achieve the fastest lap time on the Deep Forest Circuit.

A Platform for Virtual Racers to Shine

The Gran Turismo eSports Challenge presents an exciting platform for virtual racers to showcase their talents and compete against the best in the country. The challenge will not only test their driving skills but also their ability to strategize, adapt, and perform under pressure.

A Celebration of Gran Turismo and eSports

The Gran Turismo eSports Challenge marks a significant milestone in the fusion of Gran Turismo, a world-renowned racing simulation game, and eSports, the rapidly growing realm of competitive video gaming. The challenge aims to bring together virtual racing enthusiasts from all corners of Australia, providing them with an opportunity to compete, connect, and celebrate their shared passion for Gran Turismo.

A Partnership with Next Level Racing and Sector 1 Simracing

Motorsport Australia has partnered with Next Level Racing and Sector 1 Simracing to bring the Gran Turismo eSports Challenge to life. Next Level Racing is a leading provider of premium racing simulators, while Sector 1 Simracing is a renowned esports event organizer. This collaboration ensures that the challenge will be conducted at the highest standards and will provide a truly immersive and competitive experience for participants.

A Call to Action for Aspiring Virtual Racers

Motorsport Australia encourages all Gran Turismo enthusiasts to participate in the pre-qualifying time trial and demonstrate their racing prowess. The Gran Turismo eSports Challenge promises to be an exciting and engaging competition that will showcase the best of virtual racing in Australia.

Stay Tuned for More Details

More details about the Gran Turismo eSports Challenge, including the registration process, event schedule, and prize pool, will be announced in the coming weeks. Follow Motorsport Australia’s social media channels and website for the latest updates.

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