Italy Grants Citizenship to British Baby to Prevent Life Support Disconnection

In a touching gesture of compassion, the Italian government has granted citizenship to an 8-month-old British baby today (Monday). This act aims to prevent the disconnection of the baby from life support and pave the way for her transfer to Italy, as reported by Reuters news agency.

The baby, Indie Gregory, suffers from a rare mitochondrial disease, which hampers her cells’ ability to produce sufficient energy. A hospital in Nottingham, located in central England, has concluded that continuing treatment is futile.

Supporting this stance, the Supreme Court in England, in a ruling last month, deemed it to be in the baby’s “best interests” to cease life support. Additionally, the court recently rejected a plea from her parents to transfer her to a Vatican-run children’s hospital in Rome.

The Italian government, under the leadership of Giorgia Meloni, has intervened in this heart-wrenching situation. An emergency meeting was convened today (Monday), during which citizenship was granted to Indie Gregory, making this issue the sole item on the Cabinet’s agenda.

Galeazzo Benami, a deputy minister, expressed on Facebook that thanks to this extraordinary measure, the baby will have the opportunity to “receive care at the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital.” He emphasized that if not for the swift action by the Italian government, the baby would have been disconnected from life support today (Monday).

An Italian government source informed Reuters that Indie Gregory’s parents are now eligible to submit a request to the Italian consulate in Britain to initiate the process of transferring their child to Italy. However, it’s crucial to note that Britain is not legally obliged to approve this request.

The Christian Concern group, representing the parents, shared that the Italian government has offered to cover the expenses associated with the child’s treatment at the Bambino Gesù hospital.

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