Dubai Metro Enhances Commute with New Junction: What You Need to Know 2024

Dubai’s public transportation landscape is set for a significant upgrade with the introduction of a new junction on the Dubai Metro Red Line. Starting April 15, commuters will experience a smoother journey with the implementation of the Y junction, eliminating the need for passengers to switch trains at Jabal Ali station. This development, announced by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), aims to enhance passenger convenience and streamline travel on one of the city’s busiest metro lines.


The current setup often necessitates passengers traveling on the Red Line to Expo 2020 to change trains at Jabal Ali interchange. This process adds an extra layer of complexity to the journey, particularly for commuters traveling shorter distances. With the new Y junction in operation, several key changes will come into effect, revolutionizing the Dubai Metro experience.

Simplifying Commutes:

  1. Streamlined Service Routes: The introduction of the Y junction will result in the division of the Red Line into two distinct service routes. Trains will now travel either directly to Expo 2020 station or to UAE Exchange station, providing passengers with more direct routes to their destinations.
  2. Elimination of Interchange: Passengers traveling between Ibn Battuta and UAE Exchange will no longer need to switch trains at Jabal Ali interchange. This improvement will significantly reduce travel time and eliminate the inconvenience associated with changing trains mid-journey.
  3. Alternate Train Operations: The two service routes will operate alternately, ensuring that commuters have access to both Expo 2020 and UAE Exchange stations at regular intervals. Digital screens, signboards, and station announcements will guide passengers to the correct train, enhancing clarity and reducing confusion.
  4. Enhanced Passenger Experience:
    The implementation of the new service routes is expected to have a positive impact on the overall passenger experience. By reducing station crowds and waiting times, commuters can enjoy a more comfortable and efficient journey. Hassan Al Mutawa, RTA director of rail operation, highlighted the potential energy savings resulting from the optimized train routes, further emphasizing the benefits of the new system.
  5. Airport Travel Advisory:
    In addition to the metro improvements, Dubai Airports has issued a travel advisory encouraging passengers to utilize the Dubai Metro for airport travel. With stations conveniently located at DXB Terminals 1 and 3, the metro offers a convenient and efficient transportation option for travelers.

Tips for Airport Passengers:

  • Metro Accessibility: Dubai International Airport features two metro stations on the Red Line, providing easy access to and from the airport terminals.
  • Extended Service Hours: The Red Line operates from 5 AM to midnight (Monday to Thursday), 5 AM to 1 AM (Friday), 5 AM to midnight (Saturday), and 8 AM to midnight (Sunday), with extended service hours during public holidays.
  • Luggage Policy: Passengers can carry two pieces of luggage aboard the Dubai Metro, with one designated as hand luggage.
  • Passport Control: Smart Gates and dedicated passport control counters streamline the arrival process for travelers of all ages, ensuring a seamless airport experience.


The introduction of the new Y junction on the Dubai Metro Red Line marks a significant milestone in the city’s efforts to enhance public transportation. By simplifying service routes and eliminating the need for train interchange, commuters can look forward to a more efficient and enjoyable travel experience. Coupled with the convenience of the Dubai Metro for airport travel, residents and visitors alike can navigate the city with ease, further solidifying Dubai’s reputation as a global transportation hub.

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