Apple Car Hits the Brakes on ‘Electric Car Project Titan’: Electric Car Dreams Stall, Jobs Cut

In a surprising move, Apple Inc. has officially scrapped its ambitious electric car project, codenamed “Project Titan,” after years of development and billions of dollars invested. The news announced internally on Tuesday, comes as a blow to Apple’s diversification efforts and leaves hundreds of employees facing an uncertain future.

Project Titan, shrouded in secrecy since its inception in 2014, aimed to revolutionize the automotive industry with a self-driving Apple car. The project faced numerous challenges throughout its lifespan, including leadership changes, technical hurdles, and reported internal disagreements. While initial ambitions aimed for a fully autonomous vehicle, recent reports suggested a shift towards a less ambitious design with some driver assistance features.

“We can confirm that Apple is no longer developing a self-driving car,” said a company spokesperson in a statement. “We believe that there are still many great opportunities in the automotive space, and we will continue to explore how Apple can play a role in this exciting industry.”

The decision to scrap Project Titan is expected to result in layoffs for a significant portion of the team, estimated to be around 1,400 employees. Some employees will be transitioned to other roles within Apple, while others are offered severance packages and outplacement services.

This news comes amidst a broader reevaluation of electric car projects across the tech industry. Major players like Tesla and Google’s Waymo continue to face significant technical and regulatory challenges in bringing fully autonomous vehicles to market. Additionally, the recent economic slowdown has forced companies to reprioritize their investments.

Apple’s decision to pull the plug on Project Titan raises questions about the future of the electric car industry and the challenges of developing autonomous vehicles. While the company remains committed to exploring its place within the automotive space, the nature of its future involvement remains unclear.

For now, the dream of an Apple-branded electric car fades away, leaving behind a trail of disappointment for employees and a cautionary tale for other tech giants vying to disrupt the automotive industry.


  1. Q: What happened to the Apple car?
    • A: Apple canceled its “Project Titan” self-driving car project in February 2024.
  2. Q: Why did Apple cancel its car project?
    • A: Multiple factors likely contributed, including technical challenges, internal disagreements, and economic considerations.
  3. Q: Was the Apple car ever available to buy?
    • A: No, it was still under development and never reached the production stage.
  4. Q: What features was the Apple car supposed to have?
    • A: Initial goals involved a fully autonomous vehicle, but later reports suggested assisted driving features.
  5. Q: How advanced was the Apple car technology?
    • A: Specific details remain confidential, but it faces technical complexities.
  1. Q: Will Apple ever make a car in the future?
    • A: The company didn’t rule out future involvement in the automotive industry, but specifics are unknown.
  2. Q: What does this mean for the future of self-driving cars?
    • A: It adds to the existing challenges faced by companies developing autonomous vehicles.
  1. Q: How does this compare to other self-driving car projects?
    • A: Similar projects by Tesla and Waymo face ongoing technical and regulatory hurdles.
  2. Q: What other electric car companies are there?
    • A: Tesla, Rivian, Lucid Motors, and established carmakers like Ford and General Motors are some examples.
  1. Q: How many people lost their jobs due to the cancellation?
    • A: Estimates point to around 1,400 Apple employees facing layoffs.
  2. Q: What will happen to the laid-off employees?
    • A: Some may be offered positions within Apple, while others receive severance packages and outplacement services.
  1. Q: When did Project Titan start?
    • A: It began development around 2014.
  2. Q: Why was the project named “Titan”?
    • A: The official reason hasn’t been disclosed by Apple.
  1. Q: Where can I find more information about the Apple car?
    • A: Search for credible news articles and industry reports, keeping in mind details might be limited due to the project’s secrecy.
  2. Q: Were there any prototypes of the Apple car?
    • A: While likely, Apple never officially revealed them to the public.
  1. Q: How much did Apple invest in Project Titan?
    • A: The exact figure is unknown, but it’s estimated to be billions of dollars.
  2. Q: Did investors lose money due to the project’s cancellation?
    • A: While Apple’s stock price might be affected, long-term investment strategies consider various factors beyond individual projects.
  1. Q: Were there any ethical concerns surrounding the Apple car project?
    • A: Issues like potential job displacement, data privacy in self-driving cars, and responsible AI development are ongoing discussions in the tech industry.
  1. Q: Why was there so much public interest in the Apple car?
    • A: Apple’s reputation for innovation and design, combined with the growing interest in electric cars and self-driving technology, fueled public curiosity.
  2. Q: What are people saying about the cancellation of the Apple car?
    • A: Reactions vary, with some expressing disappointment and others questioning the project’s feasibility from the start. Remember, these are just starting points, and specific details may evolve.

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